Proper Facebook Etiquette

#202 Its all about you

Friday 15th June, 2007

What information should I be displaying on my personal profile page?
You have got your Facebook account, but what to include on the profile page so you come across at your best, and not some cyber geek who has too much time on their hands not to mention vanity tendencies.

First and foremost make sure that your profile picture is recent and vaguely true to life. Yes Photoshop is a wonderful thing, but when friends start posting messages on your wall about how great that nose job is you may want to rethink this as an option. The beauty of Facebook is that the majority of friends have already seen you in the flesh and so will be quick to point out that that picture of Angelina Jolie is not you. Try to avoid being too true to self, that 10year old photo with the perm may be ‘cute’, but this is Facebook your profile says a lot about your social status.

You may want to consider who is going to be viewing your profile information. That hilarious stag/hen weekend with video streaming of running naked down the street before being led away by the uniforms may be ‘classic’, but if your employer is online could lead to a rather traumatic staff review meeting. Of course you can get savvy with this and re-set privacy settings letting only certain friends view such material, as well as letting your boss only have ‘limited’ access to your profile information. This strategy is a must to all those students who pertaining sickness to get out of an exam or end of term assignment are actually on holiday and working on their tans. Limiting whom can view your ‘live’ status updates is an essential process.

Other profile information is very much standardised by Facebook itself with drop down boxes for education and work information and little more expandability for interests, hobbies etc. try to limit these, being brief and succinct here not only makes it easier for friends to scroll through to your Wall posts, but also this is not MySpace and we are just not interested in that kind of information.

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