Proper Facebook Etiquette

#204 Its over

Sunday 17th June, 2007

How do you break up with someone on Facebook?

Firstly you have to be in an recognisable Facebook ‘relationship’, i.e. you are both members and you have established that you are ‘in a relationship’ with one another. Depending on how the break-up played out in the ‘real’, you could consider failing to update your profile and keep the prestige of relationship status sat smugly atop the page and without the humiliation of this update being on your mini-feed and various friends newsfeeds.

Otherwise a swift update of your profile settings should put you in good stead for being ‘single’ and being open to some hot action once again. You could also consider leaving relationship status off you page to subterfuge any potential gossip.

If the break up is bad, and they were ‘so in the wrong’ then you are perfectly within your rights to post on their wall naming and shaming, not to mention running through their friend list and putting out a small disclaimer about how small various appendages may be, or what a selfish lover they made. Warning though, they have the ability to do exactly the same to you!

Finally there is the harsh ‘delete’ option. Deleted from your friend list, and you can also opt to ‘block this person’ from Facebook searches so you need never even to have existed to each other. Now if only it were that easy in the ‘real’ world.

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