Proper Facebook Etiquette

#210 Addictive tendencies

Friday 29th June, 2007

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How many times a day is it reasonable to check my Facebook account?

Learn to govern yourself and do be patient.

More than likely you will find yourself just ‘checking’ your Facebook account every 5 mintues. This does not mean that you are ‘addicted’, nor have nothing better to do with your time.

You are in fact being considerate of others, this is so you can respond to messages and updates in a what is a timely fashion. Otherwise you risk making the sender of messages insecure and nervous as to why you have not replied. Of course that’s fun too.
So if you want to appear aloof, mysterious and interesting try waiting 24 hours to respond to someone, watch as they crumble by poking you or adding to your wall.

Any longer than 24 hours prepare to find yourself ‘deleted’ from their friend list. No longer are you considered worthy enough to be in their network.

4 Responses to “#210 Addictive tendencies”

  1. Fishouttawater says:

    I found your great blog when I was “researching” (!!) Facebook, after my initial addiction set in. Soon, I was blogging about FB myself. Here I write about “The 5 Phases of Facebook: A Love Story” which people have found entertaining:

  2. Maz Hardey says:

    hmm a U curve, well Gerry FB is unique in terms of a SNS as it was previously only accessible to those with an ac. address, ie member of a university or campus institution. So not everyone could join. Now that the site is open to everyone this has generated the ‘lots of interest’ that you refer to. Not least in the UK most of the london media set, BBC and journalist types trying the site on for size for their latest editorial as well as a ‘fun’ way to maintain connections with colleagues and provoke new sets of networks that may be work as well as social related.

    In terms of this following a U bend, I think that the site will continue to grow and value added to it as the original iGeneration members (digitally savvy at university group) leave university and continue to use Facebook in their place(s) of work. Families will increasingly be bought online as younger siblings become members and eventually so may older generation… but that is further off for now…

    in terms of social communications something like Facebook, if not Facebook itself will be a popular means to stay in touch!

  3. Gerry Whitehead says:

    Maz u are my Guru – So question it there a U curve situation here?

    Ok what I mean is us economists have this basic but common model of a U but other way up that indicates eg lots of interest to start that falls away after a while.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great guide, I am totally addicted to Facebook – in fact completely fricking addicted!!! nice that i am in fact practising the ‘proper’ Facebook demeanors!

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