Proper Facebook Etiquette

#214 Respondez vous s-il vous plait.

Wednesday 4th July, 2007

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Help I’ve been suckered into a message exchange. When is it suitable to bring this kind of interchange to an end?

How well do you know the person that you are exchanging messages with; a closer friend is less likely to be offended if you just stop dead replying to their messages.

Of course what may have happened is that you have both become embroiled as part of a sense of ‘over-acknowledgement etiquette’ that has taken over your lives. Responding in kind to the others acknowledgement of your message and visa versa…

In a work environment acknowledgement of a message is a necessity and entirely appropriate, on Facebook you need not feel that you should acknowledge every quirky little anectdote you were sent, or latest ‘guaff’ forwarded to you via YouTube.

Of course ignoring these little gems may well see your inbox over-floweth, or worse that you are deliberately taking yourself ‘out of the loop’ of the hum drum of social interchange. Such deliberate distancing is likely to be greeted with the tagging of less than flattering pictures of you on ‘that’ night out, or complete ignorance of your existence when next you log on.

One thing is for certain, Facebook messaging is addictive, and most sent are superfluous to actual intellectual content.

What you have to ask yourself is, can one not afford to respond?, perhaps a friendly poke instead.

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