Proper Facebook Etiquette

#220 Social ‘niceties’ as social ‘nastities’

Thursday 5th July, 2007

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I pride myself on possessing a certain level of ‘social front’. Should one be concerned to limit friendship links with those who display less social decorum?

From unpacking your question I am detecting a level of imposed social ‘self-worth’ that makes one (you) look down upon those friends who may tag photos where appearance is ‘scantily clad’, make notes that are ‘unsuitable’ and dare I suggest provide wall postings of a less than salubrious or intellectual nature.

Well there are several options available to you; you could choose not to add as ‘friends’ such ‘undesirables’. But when it comes to wanting to enjoy a ‘bit of rough’ where would this leave you? Another option is to modify your friend lists so they are only available to you, and open to the ‘nasty’ general public viewings, this way contacts remain hidden and your social ‘ego’ intact. Although if you want to brag that your NBF (New Best Friend) is has the intellectual wit of Stephen Fry, or connections of Prince William and Harry this may not work. Although does provide a handy way to ‘be-friend’ the Hilton clan without actually showing that you would do anything so remiss as to actually admit being acquainted with them. Oh the *horrror’s*.

Of course a completely different approach could be to start a Facebook group: ‘I’m a social snob and proud of it’. Then you can share social ‘niceties’ and tease out what’s wrong with the ‘rest of them’ to your little hearts content and without overtly offending your profile, nor others that you want to impress.

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