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#223 I’m losing my time !

Monday 9th July, 2007

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I’m losing time! I’m on Facebook and it disappears, any suggestions as to how I can combat the situation?

So your ‘losing your time’…

Well time has become disjuncted and is dynamic; ie when an individual is connected/disconnected and in what form; whether on Facebook, on the mobile phone etc. To combat such ‘loses’ in time you need strict management – you could for example check only your Facebook account at certain periods and for certain length of time. Clearly though this is totally unrealistic, what if you miss that essential Wall post, or status update, or invite to a party – then you are ‘out of the loop’ and with far too much time on your hands as your social events fade from you and your ‘time out’.

So time management – this goes hand in hand with ‘social management’ and it is a big issue on Facebook – well not so much an issue as a state of being; time is quantifiable, increasingly so are social networks so how individuals choose to merge the two is really interesting.

Take for example ‘time on Facebook’ some have referred to this as ‘lost time’, ‘distraction time’ and even the then ‘valued’ and ‘quality’ time spent with friends. Others, however , take a different tract – could this all be considered just a waste of time?…

My take on this is that the dynamics of time are a changing. We now have ‘social time’ that is segregated, much like our social networks, into epochs of connectivity, marked by a responsibility for message and information exchange as well ‘valued’ time spent exploring ours and others repositaries of profile and social actions.

Hmmm time to reconnect and bask in the gloriousness of a good time spent social networking…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s really interesting how you are tying time so closely to social networks. there are so many layers of time at work, especially when you incorporate a global social network like the internet. I really like the notion of social connections being coordinates in space/time and social moment. I think it allows for a great deal in flux of the different types of time that intersect at that moment.

    The one thing that I think is always worth not assuming, is the tie between time and place. I think with the social network concept and internet concepts it is so easy to remove place and embodiment from the equation. So time management, is also about place and embodiment. While I don’t think that these notions are constraints to thinking abstractly about the coordinate of interaction. For the notion of environment, I do like Marcus Foth’s communicative ecology concept.

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