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#224 Did i say too much?…

Tuesday 10th July, 2007

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How much information is too much information to share with my Facebook friends?

So your in an ‘open relationship’, your favourite bands include Bros and Milli Vanilli, and your updates include when you are cleaning your teeth to removing your belly button fluff. Some things are best left undisclosed, an art of the mysterious if you will. The addictive tendencies of Facebook and social networking make it suddenly acceptable to remove previously ‘stiff’ overlying structures of social correctness and propriety.

You should consider the following:

1) are those with whom you are ‘connected’ with on Facebook those you would count as ‘close’ friends and genuinely do not mind revealing everything to,
2) direct updates should be limited to only those in your immediate social circle, with whom you are in contact on a daily basis, only then does the image of you picking at your bum fluff become ‘accidentally’ amusing – also they are within striking distance of telling you to ‘shut-up’,
3) is your profile available to anyone who is in a position of power to sack you, or to just make your working/social life hell,
4) similarly is your profile available to anyone with whom you have amorous feelings toward and are at pains to maintain a certain ‘image’ and impress.

These concerns are well worth thinking about before you add content to your profile. It may be fun for you and yours immediately around you, but those you deem as mere acquaintances or simply don’t like can have too much information!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this blog. It is finding this sort of thing that makes reading all the other stuff worthwhile.

    My wife says that I am too old to get involved in blogging and social network sites….”and why are all the people that you talk to so young and why are they all women”

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