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#226 In my birthday suit

Wednesday 11th July, 2007

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This is my first time using Facebook, I suddenly feel very exposed. Should I be concerned?

I take it your exposure has nothing to do with the most recent of pictures that you may have tagged of yourself and is an over-anxious disquietening that has occurred as you have become comfortable with ‘displaying’ yourself to your social network(s).

It is very easy to think that the world revolves around you. With Facebook this is partially true, after all, all your social content is personalised to your contacts and preferences. If you do not want to know what so and so is up to that you happened to ‘friend’ by accident (perhaps because they too admired your more nuanced musical tastes, or you had an ‘amazing connection’ that one night you were out and more intoxicated than you had necessarily thought) you need not see their updates.

Of course this does rather have repercussions in terms of working the other way too. Chances are that your profile and updates are being viewed by those whom you would consider immediately outside of your closest and most valued contacts. Those small drips of information are rippling outwards…

Luckily for you, like yourself the majority of people are fully absorbed in updating their own profile information, making sure that their pictures are ‘pretty’, or at least flattering and are far ‘too busy’ to be concerned with your exposure, so preoccupied are they with their own. It is unlikely that anyone cares that your on your 95th cup of tea of the day, or that you have posted a potentially world wide changing, in-depth, intellectually indulgent and perceptive note.

In light of such realisations perhaps what you should be most concerned about is thinking that are in danger of not being exposed and at the centre of everyone else’s world.

Console yourself, their exposure is not a centre of your social networking life, nor is yours the centre for theirs.

2 Responses to “#226 In my birthday suit”

  1. Maz Hardey says:

    Martha, such a great comment! how very perceptive of you, indeed there are differences between MySpace and Facebook appropriateness for posting pictures. I have tried to incorporate your astute observation in the latest post.

    Hope the tans not fading too much !

  2. Martha Deeds says:

    Love this blog. This is a newbi question but do different sites check photos differently? Seems that a Vac picture of topless beach tanning is OK on MySpace but a no no on Facebook.

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