Proper Facebook Etiquette

#227 On with the show(off)!

Thursday 12th July, 2007

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Following a wonderful holiday in the sun, the tasteful shots of me sunbathing seem to have struck a discord, how can I rectify the situation?

It is getting increasingly difficult to gage what is tasteful and suitable for one’s profile and what is ‘at odds’ with the creating the best possible impression.

In etiquette it is important to remember that you do not want to create tension, nor be rude or confrontational to anyone. Obviously there is a fine line between censoring how you want to present yourself, alongside impression formation amongst friends. This can be challenging!, as a rule though if in doubt, probably better to leave the potentially offending items (I don’t care how perky you are in those beach photos) out! You can still make those in your network jealous of your holiday status with constant streaming of your activities, although if you have time to do this your probably not having that much fun anyway!
Recently it has been bought to my attention the differences between some of the social networking sites. On MySpace there is ‘my nudey pics are an asset!’ claims one of my companions. On Facebook she did not last so long with her exposure. Wall posts, constant poking and a barrage of bemusement from her colleagues sooon enlightened her to remove her most buffness from her profile. Or readjust her privacy settings for the delight of her very nearest and dearest only.

The correct method of profile dressing is about knowing how to come across to others and present oneself, which is just as important online as it is off. So know one’s audience! MySpace is generally occupied by younger teens and marked by a need to ‘show off’ with ‘shouty’ profiles that scream ‘look at me, look at me’ in a ‘I’m either partially dressed, or have lots and lots ‘friends’ to brag about’ way. Such ritualised attention seeking methods get left behind at the login page of Facebook as the crowd is mostly older, more sophisticated and wiser. Here the priority is not to force yourself on others to looooook at you, but to show that you know how to arrange yourself properly and act accordingly.

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