Proper Facebook Etiquette

#229 Separating the wheat from the chafe

Friday 13th July, 2007

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It seems as though Everyone’s on Facebook! But who is it appropriate to ‘friend’?

Generally people go through a similar ‘friending’ strategy when they first sign up. You begin by searching for those immediately in your social circle, close friends, relatives and so forth. Next step is to just ‘check’ to see if there is an ex or some other random of yours present. Finally then there are friends from university, college, school and in the workplace etc.

This strategy is effortless in its path, but remember that you need to take the development of your network with some serious thought.

One of the best (and laziest) ways is to build up your social contacts with other friends that are already on Facebook. Reading their friend list will quickly reveal to you who you both know and you can ‘add friends’ to your hearts content. There will come a time though when this method of contact is saturated and you have to tend to your own affairs.

Here then there is the risk that you start to friend perhaps those people who are on the periphery of your social circle and should remain so. For example, is it really necessary for your doctor, dentist, bank manager, dry-cleaner, travel agent etc to share your updates. Possibly not. Unless you share a particularly close and ‘creative’ relationship with some of them. Or they are particularly hot. Chances are they will be flattered by your attempts to ‘friend’ them., or just think that you are particularly ‘desperate’ to increase your friend lists and recommend you MySpace them instead.

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