Proper Facebook Etiquette

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Sunday 15th July, 2007

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I’m a new member on Facebook, but no-one else I ‘know’ is. How do I start ‘friending’ people…

Aha, so your ahead of the rest of your tribe and have decided to diligently thrust yourself into the domain of Facebook. It will not be long until the rest of the crowd are following your savviness and forging their own networks. Until such time succumbing to the urge to join every single group and ‘friend’ every individual that you encounter is only a MySpace way to go. Facebook does not provide its members with a ‘Tom’ like figure for a reason, numbers on here do not count.

Keep things civilised and ‘tidy’, seeking out groups that are of real interest to you, and taking part in discussions that you really want to be a part of. This will make things much easier in the long run, safe-guarding against an overload of information and flimsy connections not worth knowing.

Being ‘single’ on Facebook you may feel pressured to immediately ‘friend’ everyone around you. And yet there is nothing more distracting than ‘friending’ someone who your really not interested in staying in touch with – remember that in the long run simply ignoring such requests would be impolite and the ultimate etiquette no no.

Think of it this way if you moved to a new city you would not go round friending the first set of people that you meet. So take your time stroll around and do not feel pressured to impress. Just be yourself and enjoy the little social rituals played out in a digital space for a change.

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