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#262 They came in two-by-two

Friday 20th July, 2007

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If you know a ‘couple’ on Facebook is it impolite to ‘friend’ only one of them, especially if you rather dislike their partner?

Perhaps Noah had something after all when he stipulated that the animals come aboard two-by-two, on the other hand perhaps Noah was an over smug and coupled up unit of Godliness who was too afraid to allow the trendy singles aboard. Whatever the reason yours and your friends ‘couple’ status does have ramifications for Facebook behaviour.

In essence, what are considered the ‘rules of behaviour offline should represent those social practices online, and ergo on Facebook. But I can see the dilemmas surrouding ‘coupled’ dimensions. In the ‘real’ world you need make no guise of your disapproval, where the mere physical removal of yourself from a friends ‘other half’ means that you can avoid those awkward ‘so what do you really think of such and such’ talks. Or even worse having to listen intently to the wondrous praise bestowed upon the latest Romeo or Juilet. For the most part you can get away with this, withdrawing from social activities when they are involved or mingling with others should you find yourself within close proximity of the aforementioned object of passion. On Facebook however, your social actions have far higher ramifications and consequences as these are displayed to others in your networks. By not friending your friends partner you could be setting yourself up for more nuisance, such as queries of ‘why’ and ‘don’t you like them’, than its worth.

One solution is to ‘friend’ the individual to alleviate the risk of such anxieties (from your friend) and forced social niceties (on your part). Do keep in mind that you can preserve your sense of nonchalance or disapproval by adding said partner to your ‘limited profile’ list and ignore any updates that are fed to you.

Much more mature would be to bit the bullet and reveal your true sentiments, but then your social network would not as wide or ‘diverse’ would it!

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  1. Maz Hardey says:

    Thanks for the advice anon – connections are indeed bringing people together – McLuhan’s vision of the global village is among us… how we behave as villagers however is still open to debate!

    read and enjoy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen

    Think they could do with your input!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Always a thought provoking blog. Is this close connection the same or different from those people experienced in the past (villages etc) or maybe now in institutions like the army, police or dare I say academia?
    Suggest you reciprocally link to more blogs so this becomes more visible.
    Please post when your study is published as interested to read it.

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