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#263 Caught out!

Friday 27th July, 2007

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I’ve been tagged ‘misbehaving’ at an office do. How can I rectify the situation?

Carelessness springs to mind.

When enjoying the company of others, particularly work colleagues, it does one well to remember that you must keep tabs on your potential misdemeanours. Self-control is a wonderful thing, especially in a professional environment and if your work colleagues are also your ‘friends’ on Facebook you have to be extra vigilant to police yourself to save social face. But this is advice after the horse has bolted from the stable in this instance.

Documentation of your office hilarity must be removed immediately from your profile. If you have been tagged you can de-tag and send a ‘request’ to get the offending item(s), (how unlucky were you) taken off the site. However, you are now in your colleagues proverbial pocket and whilst it was poor show on their part to post and tag in the first place, this does mean that they are more than likely to’ re-discover’ such revealing exhibitions in the future.

Repeated offences of this nature are to be avoided, least you forget, not only your colleagues and yourself, but also you entire social network will be re-living your humiliation for some time. Repeated exposure of this sort is probably not a good accolade to share with you boss either. If such items must be posted you can change your privacy settings in order that no-one, bar yourself and the creator, know that they are there – take care that they do not appear in news or mini feeds though!

Perhaps a good mantra to remember is to be professional at all times and do not confuse your social shindigs with professional conduct or you’ll be tagged and want to forget it!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lots – of guys showing off to mates – all up the game

  2. Anonymous says:

    Or to put it another way – to what degree do people lie on Facebook?

  3. Looking says:

    Question – Do I photoshop my pictures so I look a little err better? Want to tie my profile into my setup on a dating site as thought it would make me a more rounded (not going there) person. Is this a good idea? Background – over from USA for a year at a London University (will be a very female course) and want to meet up with some fit English guys.

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