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#282 A new mobile way of life?

Wednesday 22nd August, 2007

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I have a new mobile phone in my life. Is it necessary for me to activate my Facebook account to stream to my new device?

In the world of social networking you are only as ‘up-to-date’ as your last meander into your digital world and network links. Moreover, social networking is about participation and as such a complex social ‘monster’. Where once you were secure in your friendships maintained by a friendly wave, a ‘hello’, nod of the head or chat on the phone, now these informal gestures have become part and parcel of a milieu of pokes, wall posts, tags and ‘grow a gift’ applications.

A multitude of ‘social moments’ can easily run away from you if they are not maintained and crafted with a ‘skill’ that requires you to be here, there and everywhere all at once as you keep atop event invitations, posts, pokes and digital ‘hello’s’.

Having Facebook streamed to your mobile phone provides a wonderful opportunity for you (in the words of Aerosmith and ‘that’ song) to never miss a thing. You need never worry about missing out on that classic wall post war that took place whilst you raiding the biscuit tin and were away from your PC. Nor worry that spontaneous requests and invites to hit the pub escaped your formative attention.

So the temptation here is to embrace the convergence of digital social content and celebrate your Facebook addiction! Take enjoyment from your immersed social-scape and your friends will no doubt be impressed with how quick you are to reply to messages and counter pokes. Of course this could just make you rather ‘boring’ in their eyes as they think that you have nothing better to do with your time than to ‘hang out’ on Facebook, but you could counter at the end of messages, posts and so forth with ‘…as responded to via my Blackberry/iPhone etc’, which should shut them up!

Of course, being so connected does rather take the ‘fun’ out of logging on and, like that anticipated answer phone message search, erodes the pleasure from all the ‘missed’ Facebook content that have (you hope) occurred in your absence. Also this means that you have nothing to do in your tea break…

Perhaps the best thing is to activate Facebook streaming onto your phone during only ‘work time’ for the ultimate in ‘necessary’ distraction, and then to deactivate this during ‘leisure’ hours in order that your profile generates enough missed social content to keep you amused when your at work again… Just a thought!

7 Responses to “#282 A new mobile way of life?”

  1. gerald says:

    im thinking i should cancel my hol so i dont have to have the trauma of being out of touch! Or maybe i should just buy a new phone to download all my updates!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any thoughts on this – seems a new form of addiction?

    woke up one morning with fear in my bones, because the first thing I wanted to do wasn’t to have a cup of tea – but check my Facebook,” recalls one recovering social-networking enthusiast, Sam Devito-French.

    Rather like heroin use, the first heady days of Facebook membership can be lost in a hazy love affair with inboxes full of “friend” requests and flirtatious messages (“pokes”). But like many addictions, it can leave you slumped on a mattress with nothing but your laptop, a few mouldy coffee cups and a sense of exhaustion, fear, and self-loathing. “I gave up when I realised that I didn’t need a social network to have a fulfilling life – I’d much rather meet up with someone over a pint,” says 27-year-old Sam.

    And this

  3. Typist says:

    The Sunday Times says: And social networking took over the mainstream in the form of Facebook, an unbelievably infectious form of online time-wasting that has cut through the metropolitan office worker caste like some terrifying web-based virus.
    Don’t like the tag but true …. I wondering if my place will block it too

  4. Anonymous says:

    Out of any link to the Net for a month (hol away from it all). Will FaceB be like email with a vast pile of catchup? Do I care – think might start over with a new profile hen back!

  5. George says:

    So connected so good but is this not more pressure to keep SNS addiction up. What about a new NoSpace service?

  6. Anonymous says:

    My workplace has made it impossible for us to get MySpace or SNS – even at breaks

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