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#284 Even cute couples split on Facebook

Monday 3rd September, 2007

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My friends were cute couple. They have now split up. Can I continue to be friends with both of them on Facebook, or should I ‘un’-friend my least favourite?

A tricky case of nuanced friendship relations if ever there was one. The proper and ‘most grown-up’ behaviour is to remain ‘friends’ with both parties. This means that you are well away from the inevitable post break-up discussions about ‘he/she said/did such and such’. However, this overlooks the root cause that may have prompted the separation of their couple status. With a ‘bad break-up’ one party is always seen as being ‘more to blame’; did they cheat, not iron their socks, or worse iron their socks, etc. If it’s comfortable for all involved – keep things sweet, stay friends with both! BUT if there is a preference amongst the broken up party and things are at an awkward cross-road of back-biting nastiness, there’s a lot to be said for picking sides and staking your claim one friend over the other.

In short stop worrying. Newsfeeds and minifeeds are on Facebook for a reason. Now the ‘whole world’ knows of their split, and the whole world is probably not that concerned with who is friends with who. Keep this to yourself.

Give the broken couple some time and space to work out what their new relationship is to each other. Hey chances are they may not want to be friends with each other, let alone retain the friends that they had when they were together. Had you thought that they may decide to ‘un-friedn’ you?

You mention having a ‘favourite’ so another option is that you could upload the Top Friends application and pimp your profile MySpace stylie. However, this comes with its own set of protocols and dilemmas; whose going to be your Top Friend this time?

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  1. Maz Hardey says:



  2. Fresher says:

    Big issue for us freshers is to shift from myspace to facebook which seems more grown up and to leave college behind or to keep on in there

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hows about a new post?

  4. Maz Hardey says:

    Dear Outofmyfb,

    an astute observation about how to manage all those supposed ‘short-cuts’ in terms of getting to know one another. pressure to take things up a notch is needless in the world of ‘dating’ – where natural progression is the key – ‘poor’ guy probably didn’t know what hit him when you hit that delete key!

    FB material does not maketh the BF man huh!

  5. OutOfMyFB says:

    Wise words – all is manipulation. I keep any ‘man’ stuff off FB and onto email. Had one guy who pressured me to friend and I ended up deleting him as BF material – his loss!

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