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#285 Keeping it fresh

Sunday 23rd September, 2007

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I’ve heard that Fresher’s week comes with its propensity for free and easy relations. Would it be remiss of me to keep an eye on my other half over Facebook?

Aha! Your concern is not without some semblance of truth. Fresher’s week is indeed an excuse to party, to forge some new friendships and enjoy being away from the restraints of home for the first time. Of course in what form this potential liberation takes is up to the individual. But one thing is for certain they’ll be a lot of ‘friending’ with the commencement of Fresher’s Week and for the rest of university life, and not just on Facebook.

Originally driven by only those with university accounts, Facebook is now a social resource that is open to everyone, and this means that no longer can friendships with those who are not at university remain ‘hidden’ or bound off from one another. Friendship’s, relationships and family can all converge in one happy social arena!

As far as the concern about whether it would be ‘remiss’ to keep tabs on your other half during Fresher’s Week. Well those kinds of stipulations are probably an indicator of something already lacking in the relationship. Communication is a wonderful thing, so don’t just Facebook stalk – how about a little interaction too! A message, poke, wall post here and there do marvels for making one feel attended to, and yes even loved! So don’t think of Facebook as a means to ‘keep tabs’ on one another, but a formative and fun way to stay in touch!

Chances are your other half is probably keeping a similar eye on your actions whilst they are away too!

7 Responses to “#285 Keeping it fresh”

  1. Maz Hardey says:


    Ironic you don’t see females as ‘fems’ or visa versa… one wonders who or rather ‘what’ you are ‘engaging’ with on SNS’s… then again i’d rather not know! 😛

  2. surfsupanall says:


    Male = what I am = what the Ladies like

    No Fems need apply


  3. Maz Hardey says:


    sounds like your taking a very male-centric and dare i suggest ‘sexist’ view of the potential social-mation of FB. Shame you view it as ‘just a pulling place’ your missing out on ‘quality’ relationships and connections with other interesting groups of people 😛

  4. SurfsUpAnAll says:

    Dude :)

    Facebook = My pulling machine

    Ladies be hot

  5. Maz Hardey says:

    anon and Freshers week ,

    glad i’ve manage to relay some of your concerns! just remember surveillance flows both ways on the FB!


  6. Freshers Week says:

    Good point :)

    Tempting to keep a eye thou

  7. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this, I don’t feel too much like a stalker now! :)

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