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#303 SNFD

Tuesday 18th December, 2007

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Being connected all the time is exhausting, I’m worried that I am falling out of love with Facebook!

In this short space of time that SNSs and Facebook in particular have taken off, there are new ways to maintain connections, create a social presence and cultivate communications in ways that are driven by social compulsion to act. Did I mention that SNS are addictive?!

This time of year we are reminded that ‘tis the season to be jolly; fa la la la’, instead of falling out of love with Facebook, perhaps you want to experience a new form of SAD; SNFD – Social Networking Fatigue Disorder. Like its sister SAD this is marked by the over exertion of actions at time of year when its cold and dark outside that generates a particularly gloomy mood. Facebook offers a little ray of sunshine to the frost bitten crowded streets where one can roam friends pages and take delight in their excessive picture uploads, super-poking and wall posting at this time of year. Of course with such connectedness comes certain social caveats, such as the problem of creating instances of sociability when it feels like everyone else is out having a good time.

From the current standpoint of the social obligation that this time of year generates, the sending of cards, giving of present etc. one feels compelled to act, to take part and to display these kinds of social get togethers on Facebook. Where one is at danger of ‘falling out of love’ with Facebook is when these become a chore, or it feels as though the rest of the socially networked world is rockin round the Xmas tree without you.

Love is a funny thing and at the communication frontier of social networking part of the appeal is the novelty of some of these social experiences. Of course the flip side is that we should all be working and not Facebooking, but why not have a little social network over indulgence it is Xmas after all. Chances are in the New Year you will fall right back in love with Facebook after all.

5 Responses to “#303 SNFD”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hows I find de hot bitches ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is the rule about happy new year to everyone on Facebook? Is it like a mass mobile tx seen as slack and not personal or is it OK in that jokey Facebook way?

  3. Maz Hardey says:

    Thank you Santa youre a dream, never knew i had such high-brow readership.

    And thank you for my wonderful gifts over xmas – i’m still waiting on my little something from tiffany though…

  4. Santa says:

    Happy Christmas

  5. Noel says:

    All i want from santa is a better profile ..;)

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