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#303 New Years Resolution: that Jokey Facebook way

Saturday 29th December, 2007

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What is the rule about a happy new year to everyone on Facebook? Is it like a mass mobile text and seen as slack and not personal or is it OK in that jokey Facebook way?

xmas was a happy time of year on Facebook, the joys of counting down the days with yet more applications and Facebook ‘gifts’ than Santa could fit into his sack. And yet this runs the risk of leaving things a little slack with regard to more personal contact. So with New Years Eve well on track it is time to contend with how to manage festive greetings and well wishes.

En-mass seasonal gestures are OK for those friends with whom you may want to indicate a casual ‘hi’ and as the Facebook poke allows just remind them that you know that they still exist, and visa-versa. On the sending end of an SMS or poke, the expectation that you should receive a reciprocated message back displays an overly ambitious presumption on your part. Or perhaps you just like poking more than they do.

The point is that an engaged and intimate interaction the SMS and poke is not. A fun way to build in some informal contact over the festive period is a more accurate description of what is going on here. Of course this leads to all kinds of potentially socially conflated ‘situations’ as a poke, wall post, group SMS etc is either ignored or (perhaps worse) taken to mean more by the receiver than was intended by the sender.

For NYE’s, you already know who are your nearest and dearest. Moreover it is likely you will be at a ‘real’ get together with those that you love. And for those whose company you cannot enjoy on the night, then no harm came of a group message, just remember to check your wall posts and phone, and to reply in the morning.

8 Responses to “#303 New Years Resolution: that Jokey Facebook way”

  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ Ordinary Girl,

    sometimes, its nice to allow someone enough ‘rope’ to send themselves up… although they probably don’t know it!

    still just goes to show there are difference ways and different means to communicating across SNSs

    closed networks of friends are one thing, api’s such as Hotness requests quite another!

    seems a strong theme for a new posting… watch this space!

  2. Ordinary girl says:

    Surprised you let such sexist comments through. Time to move on and recognized that there are thick guys on sns as well as bright women. AND lets B clear sns is NOT about pulling or dating for MOST of us. It is just an extension of my cell – as much and as little as that :)

  3. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ Colonel Brandon

    i really love the connection that you make between Austen’s sense and sensibilty for social networks. for the most part though these sets of interactions seem to be less ‘sense’ and more ‘sensiblity’… something for chapter 7…

  4. Colonel Brandon says:

    Sense and sensibility is on BBC1. I guess there is a link to the title of your Blog. So I got to wondering, how would Marianne and Willoughby and co do things if they had a Victoria Facebook ? Is there room to hide behind that fan – there was a whole set of signals you could send through the fan back then!

  5. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ Hung,

    more skin? youve been grossly misinformed about how to act on SNSs! sounds like you want more porn, rather than ‘real’ person to person communication

    a google search under ‘skin’ and ‘more off’ may help – just mind you don’t end up on a xmas turkey reject site


  6. Hung says:

    Why don’t hot chicks put out more skin?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do u have predictions for sns for the next year?

  8. Pokie says:

    Good thoughts. Trouble with tx is that the system get clogged. Sent a pile last year and they were still trucking in at 11am the following day! So tis time I’ll do some tx HOURS before – in some idea that they may get through and some careful Pokes and stuff on the 1st.
    You are right the mass tx or whatever can be a i’m not bothered as u not the important message :) so won’t do those …. except for….
    Happy New Years

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