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#322 Sorting Facebook out

Wednesday 14th May, 2008

how to make the most of Facebook?

This post comes after some forwarded queries as to how to raise a profile on Facebook. So some (silly) thoughts to take on board:

1. First take one free-range profile page, ideally one that is ‘all honest’ and you have raised yourself. Let it roam free across Facebook ‘friending’ as it goes to begin the ‘fattening’ up network process.

2. Soon your profile page will be connected to happy little Facebook others around you. You might want to try joining groups, becoming a fan and setting up some events. Keep permanently logged in so as not to miss one nano second of status updates and newsfeed activities.

3. Now force-feed friends with your own status updates, posted items you find interesting and some ‘out there’ existential and ‘high brow’ notes from the heart. Or even better song lyrics. You are a raw talent! You might be discovered and have your own fan page yet.

4. If acknowledging family on Facebook refer only to your connection in the manner of a Facebook ‘friend’. There’s no need to be too close.

5. If you’re bold you could set relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ that should cut out a lot of the Hotness and flirt alert crap.

6. Serve up generous helpings of daily happenings in your world. Even if this just involved going to the bank. We your adoring network fans want to know all about it.

7. Prepare your profile patter. If friends start to ask you about that career as a ‘model’ and time as an ambassador for the UN consider this a good time to re-jig either your profile information or Friend status. Limited profile?

8. Watch carefully Facebook friends flock to your profile when you status update ‘lottery win’. Break out the champagne and have a Facebook party…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So in the cause of marketing – to what degree should one lie?

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