Proper Facebook Etiquette

#325 Are you a made-over perfectly pixalated princess, or made-under gloriously geeky gimp?

Monday 2nd June, 2008

Unshaven, achingly handsome and ‘best taste’ black and white portfolio shot is the best description of my friend Mr M lets call him, profile picture. As a self-made man, upstarter (not in the conflict and angry sense, but in the business world) his image (updated frequently with same self-styled intensity since you ask) purveys an air of incredible power, authority and control. His pose says ‘I’m relaxed, approachable and self-assured’, and as his eyes look yearningly into the distance it’s not hard to speculate the rate his intellect is constantly churning over. That or he’s been mesmerised by a squirrel. Either way its compelling and works.

Compared to another of my other friends profile shot; Ms C is an equal as pouted to ‘perfection’, but instead her ‘come hither eyes’ leaves a more vacant expression than lasting impression.

So what’s this all about? Everyone wants to look their best on their profile page. Content is uploaded intended to give out the best impression (hence the pouting). But why is it that some pull this off with flair and others such as Ms C end up looking too try hard.

Some key points for a primed profile page:

Never confuse ‘knock out’ with ‘knock-off’, your friends are your friends and they will know if you post a falsie, or display falsies. Yes you know what I mean.

Whilst none of us are 100% happy with how we look, it’s ok to make a tweak here or there on a profile page. I do not mean a nip tuck, more of an added resourcefulness that comes from pushing your best attributes. Think of this as a personal CV, anything that you get that ‘feel good’ factor from is worthwhile sharing with your friends! Mine are probably not that interested in my perchance for ballet, but they all know about it now!

Keep things up-to-date, images of you as a nubile 20 year old, when you’re closer to the big three O, may not be that appropriate. Besides, it’s the gritty realism that is the allure of Mr M’s profile page rather than the muted montage of over 500 images of Ms C less charming and more desperate charm offence-ive.

It is not difficult to get caught up in the ‘ooo how do I look’ aspects of Facebook. Visualisation is what the site does best. You look at pictures of friends, friends cast their eyes over your pages and we all judge tagged content in just the same way.

In my own network attempts have been made to deflect interest by pushing a profile that has no image (how mysterious?!), an old snap shot from childhood (how ‘cute’) or the less profound but just quirky image of a fishfinger as another of my Facebook friends is represented.

In all probability such profile pictures and information change with the mood as you log into Facebook. Maybe on one day there’s preference for full on pout to camera and on another a more subtle ‘care-free’ and honest vision. You can’t take yourself too seriously, but it’s always nicer for you and your friends to capture your best side. Profile pictures aside though, you are more likely to gain favourable attention if you’re as nice to others as you make out with those ‘come hither’ eyes..

4 Responses to “#325 Are you a made-over perfectly pixalated princess, or made-under gloriously geeky gimp?”

  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ office crowd.

    ‘out of reach on the beach’ post was just for you!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Maz = we need a post!

    The girls have got into the habit of reading your Blog at lunch time but u have been neglecting us

    Hope u are well

    the office crowd

  3. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ Anon,

    oh ”virtual people’ won’t you be my friend?…’ kind of reeks of desperation doesn’t it. Oh well if photo-shopping makes someone feel better good for them, of course their ‘real’ friends know the truth!


  4. Anonymous says:

    To add to the mix a friend of mine had her images photoshoped – such vanity but if you gather only virtual people maybe it does not matter.

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