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#326 out of reach on the beach

Saturday 14th June, 2008

Wondering what to do about Facebook when i’m on vacation!…
oh the summer, heady long sunny days and balmy nights; or so the teen idols Sandy and Danny would have us believe. But what happens when sunny days and balmy nights take over ‘necessary’ Facebook exposure?

Tell you more, tell you more…

A Facebook friend recently went AWoL: Leaving messages unanswered, pokes inactive and wall posts ‘hanging’. Their response two weeks later for such tardy behaviour was that he was on holiday. Fine by us in his network, but it would have been nice of him to let us know – and had saved a few Facebook exchanges of ‘have you seen Mr S?’ etc.

Mr S it turns out did not want to set his Facebook status to ‘away’ as 1. his boss was also included in his network and his little trip had not been approved for company holiday time, 2. he quite liked the subsequent Facebook attention, and 3. (and i quote) ‘I’m not one for making smug updates just to annoy others’. Ironic when you consider how his unresponsive behaviour had annoyed and concerned others 😛

So how best to manage a stay of absence from Facebook. Likely the geek in you will be ‘just checking’ messages on the sly anyway whilst away. It’s unlikely that your mobile phone will be switched for the duration. So the situation is to be able to put Facebook on ‘standby’. To make it known to those in your network that you are ‘away’ , but ever an absent presence you are still free to poke and post, just at a more leisurely pace than usual. One method would be to set the status to ‘away’, or for the more boastful amongst you ‘on the beach; bet you wish you were here’ tone. This depends on whose in your network (boss/significant other) that knows you’re away enjoying sunnier climes and cocktails. Another tatic a further Facebook friend of mine employs is to make out that they are busy with an important work project and are not to be disturbed. Making them at once seem busy and important and unlikely to be Facebook ‘bothered’ when in reality on the terrace Campari in hand.

Warning. The above tatic only works less than three times a year. Anymore and you come across as either over zealous in your work capacity, slightly neurotic, or more likely to be ‘found out’ sneaking off on the bosses time. Work this method at your peril.

A good tatic I like to employ is to simply update Facebook with new photos; shots of where you have been and seen – for your own entertainment as much as anyone else looking at your profile. And who doesn’t want to be seen having a good time; obligatory drink with the silly umbrella in hand.

Too show offy? Well there is an element of posing involved, but more entertaining for Facebook friends to see how fabulous your new tan looks and what fun they could be having on their hols too. Also makes the tedious slide show of snaps for when you get back an unnecessary process and you can get straight to the ‘who had too much tequilla and fell off the sunlounger’ tales instead. And with pictoral evidence.

So hold up your Mai Tai with pride; you’re on holiday after all, and what’s a little Facebook dabbling between friends anyway. Just try not to be so smug about it.

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  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    hi Anon,

    thanks for the ‘kudos’. And thanks to Jane for her lovely comment on the Independent site!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Just found your Web page from a comment on the Independent Newspaper article on ‘Facebook faux pas’. Am now a fan – love your style

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