Proper Facebook Etiquette

#328 Confessions of a Facebook Addict.

Sunday 29th June, 2008

Being on Facebook is cool and connected; but does this cause needless anxiety?

This month I left for the States. A brief stay of only two weeks. An eon in Facebook and social networking time frames. Thanks to the hot weather and beach proximity there were only brief periods of Facebook interaction. Rising early enough to catch the surf, meant that by time zone difference I missed the daily updates and feeds of the Facebook world.

This caused a minor glimmer on Facebook usually proactive and fingers at the ready approach. Basically I had Facebook friends demanding new sets of updates and photo uploads up-to-the-minute.

Does this mean that Facebook fatigue set in?

8am – Just a quick sneaky peak at Facebook
9am – Opps in grave danger of missing some serious surf and sun as a quick peak has turned into an hours surf.
11am – Surfin. Ooo this would make a great Facebook profile picture.
11.30am – WIPE OUT. This would not make a good Facebook profile picture. But it would amuse my friends.
1pm – Snooze on the beach. I’m not missing Facebook. Dream if it’s missing me.
3pm – Cocktail o’clock. Time to sip and reflect on the perfect morning, and quickly edit those photos for upload to Facebook later.
7pm – Getting to ready to go out. Just one quick sneaky peak at Facebook.


And so the holiday aftermath: More photos and video content than one can safely amuse one’s friends with. And the laborious task of editing it all for Facebook. But so worth it.

In the daily grind Facebook acts as that little social distraction, buzzing away in the background. Supposedly ‘away’ and severed from connected connect one finds oneself on an extended sense of social life-support; taken up with ‘quick’ check in’s and observations of what is going on ‘back home’. Only intermittently plugged in it’s nice that Facebook friends are never really that far away.

As a large and sophisticated-scale network of contacts the primary appeal of Facebook is that it supplies you with friend connections whenever you demand. Is this a problematic exposure? Only if you leave your camera to get wet on the beach.

2 Responses to “#328 Confessions of a Facebook Addict.”

  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ Nudist Anon,

    Thank you for this comment, i forsee an inspiring post coming your way about this!

    Meantime re. your contacts reactions, it all depends on how buff you and your parents are in the nuddie! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    My parents are nudists and caused much hilarity but posting some modest photos after their last hol. Not sure all my contacts could cope with it

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