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#360 Who’s the nudist of them all?

Tuesday 8th July, 2008

My parents are nudists and caused much hilarity by posting some modest photos on Facebook after their last hol. Unfortunately they also tagged me in the pictures. Now all my friends have had much hilarity at my expense, and I feel a little over-exposed. How do I recover my cool Facebook image from such embarrassment?

The purpose of Facebook is to ‘make connections to those around you’. Well yes that’s all very nice, but there’s also some ‘cool tools’ and trouble shooting that one should be aware of. It is all very well being wrapped around interactivity, but what point if you do not know what you’re doing, or have any notion as to the potential consequences of your actions.

And so a scenario. A good Facebook friend of mine has recently uploaded some new photographs. Nothing ‘strange’ in that. Their parent’s are nudists and also have Facebook residence. Some new pictures that have appeared have tagged my usually attired friend in their birthday suit.

We are dealing with several layers here. First the general outcry (on their Wall) of ‘your parent’s are nudists?’, swiftly recomposed as ‘nice £$%*’, and requests to join their ‘country club’. So the Facebook user has control over the image that they present. What they upload and how they ‘look’ to friends. All this gets put in potential jeopardy by a ‘careless’ upload and tagging scenario. Another incidence occurred with a different Facebook friend. New (to Facebook) images were uploaded from late teenage and very early university days. They were away at the time and so were not on top of being able to ‘de-tag’ before the rest of their friend network had had chance to observe the awkward face of adolescent.

In one respect I empathise. Many occasion I have shied away from the camera as a point of principle (bad hair day, awkwardness etc), and it is quite another matter when someone else has ownership (and control) of those most offending of images. On Facebook image can be safe-guarded, you can tag, de-tag, and before you upload photo-shop to appear a particular way. BUT a word of caution, those in your network are likely to know you, know what you look like (not like Angelina) and so unrealistic aspirations will quickly be spotted. Equally, less flattering, and more humorous appearances will also rapidly trickle across network links.

Paranoid? Well there’s a Facebook setting for you. Top right hand corner of the screen and you can set ‘privacy’ to ‘block’ everyone from being able to view your pictures. But then what would be the point of uploading such images? A happy medium is to be able to ‘quality control’ what goes onto your page (delete that funwall application now) and for long periods of absence, to hope that 1. no-one uploads anything too humiliating or that you have enough ‘front’ to be able to pull it off.

We’re only beginning to skim the surface here, but as Facebook entries becoming increasingly important and reflective of who we are, and everyday life then the strategies that we adopt and our approach to such actions make for a more pleasant social ‘reality’.

6 Responses to “#360 Who’s the nudist of them all?”

  1. FanBase says:

    You on Hols – Where’s our post?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sure those inclined to remove their clothes have their own SNS

  3. henry :) says:

    let it all hang out

  4. blogboy says:

    off topic but – have you thought of using wordpress think your content deserves a better wrapper :)

  5. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ base babe

    Correct. Whatever you post (today, tomorrow, yesterday) will be around FOREVER, even if you delete and ‘go’.


  6. BaseBabe says:

    and re member that we loose control of that which we put on SNSs so it may never be erased. Is that right?

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