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#365 Grin and bear it?

Sunday 17th August, 2008

Recently my other half has taken to spending inordinate (in my opinion) amounts of time on Facebook. Now I understand the addictive friend opportunities, and for their need to communicate at the drop of a hat (very lucrative and busy job), but I do feel that are better way to manage the time to do this. I often go to bed and doze off with the eerie glow of the laptop and said partner still awake next to me. Should I admire their tenacity to respond to every poke as and when it happens, marvel at their dexterity, or suggest a better communication alternative?

Is there a ‘better communication alternative to Facebook?’ I jest.

Seriously, From what you have described, your partners Facebook tendencies do not sound an entirely a ‘healthy’ approach. By taking Facebook to bed, it seems this has become the more important factor in the bedroom, rather than yourself.

Which leaves scope, to impact upon the ‘relationship status’ categorisation on your affiliated Profile pages. I would remind your partner of this. Promptly. Something along the lines of ‘If you still want a ‘relationship’ I would desist from you Facebook fancy, or update your status to ‘married to, Facebook’, and put in a request to attend the nuptials. Make clear that you won’t be along for the Honeymoon though.

If you find they continue not to listen to you, best to send such sentiments via a private Facebook message. Then if this fails to bring about the required action and attention, a brief and succinct Wall post in the most public manner, might turn the flow of engaged activity from Facebook business, to the serious business of relationship management.

If you still do not get a reply, forget poking (even the physical variety), clearly they are beyond help, and maybe you should reconsider your wireless broadband. No wireless, means no laptop in the bedroom, or Facebook action inbetween the covers. The harshest action would be to cancel their broadband, but chances are your partner is Facebook dedicated enough to have access also via their mobile.

If it’s a case of type-pad touch typing infringing on your sleep, perhaps you should suggest a quieter keyboard. And a screen dimmer switch. Or a relationship dimmer switch.

Meantime, you could make it clear that the longer they continue to surf Facebook on ‘your time’, so you will persist with Facebook ‘cruising’ for potential ‘exes’, and uploading rude content to their Wall.

Personally I would ‘dump and go’. There are plenty more Facebook friends that you could be having a better time with. And time together, not next to each other being ignored in a ‘grin and bear it’ situation. Oh and make sure that you upload your latest fun activities onto Facebook, so they show up in your (by then) exes Newsfeed, that might finally grab their attention.

3 Responses to “#365 Grin and bear it?”

  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ Scoop and News,

    you’re too kind! And with names like that you must have connections in the press – so forward my interest!

    Thanks ‘fans’ , hopefully i’ll be coming at you from a sunday column soon. hey if kerry katona can ‘write’ for her own column there is but hope for us all!


  2. Scoop says:

    Would be happy to read that – some paper should snap you up.

  3. news says:

    have you thought of a regular , perhaps sunday paper based, column?

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