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#366 Popularity contest

Monday 25th August, 2008

I am just starting at a new university (next month) and am anxious about popularity. I went to a very competitive college, where you were either in, or out. I was always out. I want to know how I can heat things up on my Facebook Profile so everyone wants to focus on me.

I was not going to post this little query, but it does raise some interesting issues, and it is ‘that time of year’ again where many start to move into and onto new things, friends, work colleagues etc. Now is the time for new starts. Well in the academic calendar at least. First lets deal with the overriding misconception from the above concern. Whilst many in the ‘popular’ media as well as misled academics read SNSs as ‘all about me’, and a latent popularity contest, Facebook networks are more subtle and complex than such a MySpace based school of thought. Generally this is not a site for your teenage ‘masses’ flirting and gurning at one another. No, Facebook has BBC bosses, and acclaimed ‘celebrities’ (who are higher up than those from Big Brother, surf MySpace again if you want these) that surf networks and gurn to one another.

So, you want to use Facebook to be ‘in’, rather than ‘out’. I would revel in your outedness if I were you. That makes you unique and interesting. As soon as you fall in with the ‘in crowd’, you become just another face within the metaphorical book if you will.

I suspect you want more proactive advice on how to ‘manipulate’ aspects of Facebook for your own popularity devices. You could try the adding the TopFriend Application, then while away your day rating your ‘top friends’. Once obligated within your little friendship circle, you could channel this as a popularity contest. But if you were really so affable to your friends you would not need such applications in the first place. You could also ensure that you’re so ‘active’ on the site, that there are new Feeds about you at least every ten minutes. For this to really work , and for you to be able to ‘have a life’ at the same time, I would recommend you buy a wireless enable mobile phone. Or at least a laptop, as you may find yourself chained to the desktop ‘sink’.

Look in short, ignore the ‘popular kids’ take of what’s what, and enjoy all the bonking, sorry I mean ‘friending’ that goes on during every universities Fresher’s week. I suspect you’ll be messaging me back about how to lower your ‘popularity’ index after these events. But only if you become a little more reflexive, and less narcissistic.

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  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    And think of the longtail effects. It’s bad enough in the past week there’s been a resurgance of embarrassing ‘old school’ pictures, but to have a record from day one of uni does not bear worth thinking about. *shudder* not least as most people are in either ‘dumped or be dumped’, ‘shag, or be shagged’.

    i could of course be overgeneralising here for provocation sake…

    That’s up to you dear readers to decide!


  2. David Wills says:

    Maz, I’m so very glad that facebook (and cameras on mobile phones)didn’t exist when I was an undergraduate, especially a fresher.

    Some things are not meant to be recorded.

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