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#368 How to use Facebook on two hours sleep

Friday 5th September, 2008

Having a great time at uni. Stop. It’s Fresher’s Week(s). Stop. Think I’ve got down going out all day and staying up all night. Stop. But what’s the best way to ride Facebook after severe lack of sleep? Stop.

This week a friend of mine, new to the delights of university life is having fun, fun, fun (without the sun) and getting acquainted with that old style networking, of parties, and staying out till dawn. How she found time to message me is a wonder, but she raises an interesting point, and time IS of the essence when you’re tied to social networks. Even if she does describe it as ‘riding’ Facebook *shudder*

Seeing as this is a self-inflicted issue, it is your responsibility to ensure an adequeate level of social network management. Particularly if you’re Facebook friends with your parents. Things to watch for would be unflattering tagged photographs, more salacious behaviour than usual, or on the flip-side so little activity that other friends presume you’re dead, or just dead drunk. Either image is not appealing. It is likely also there’s gossip to be had. Such as who’s friended whom, when and why. Not least as this level of Fresher exposure usually highlights who’s going to be ‘the uni couple’ for the next three years, and you want to observe this set up from the beginning. Trust me it’s more entertaining than a read of Heat mag.

If you’re planning a(nother) crazy night out, take care that it’s not you who suffers the consequences of Facebook neglect. For example a missed Friend Request from ‘that cute one in the corner’, who has mislaid your number but stalked, I mean tracked you down on Facebook. As soon as you leave for a night out, you could update your status. One could tell the truth ‘party mad machine, out again’, or lie a little ‘cosy night in, reading Satre. Good for the soul’. I would not advise the ‘Better than Troy in the sack’ another friend of mine posted only two days ago, and without a hint of irony, or shame. They have since been mocked, and had their ‘jock’ ego dented for all to see.

You have every excuse to enjoy yourself and revel in the power of networks away from Facebook. But just remember, network neglect could look bad in the long run.

3 Responses to “#368 How to use Facebook on two hours sleep”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No Prob – update on the fly with the iPhone

  2. Miss Pretty says:

    @itgirl, ‘new forms of network anger’? Hmm sounds like a need for network anger management. Perhaps Facebook Rage exists?…

  3. ITGirl says:

    Network neglect is a great idea. A new thing to feel guilty about! Will there be new new forms of network anger to go with it?

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