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#369 Where’s Facebook’s etiquette?

Monday 15th September, 2008

What are we to make of Facebook’s seeming lack of social etiquette to take on board our feelings?

A change of tone this week. As Facebook reveals its new face. Personally, I’ve been using the new Facebooklift for a while now. And, yes whilst I shared some of the initial social disquiet about the new image, along the lines of ‘how dare they’, and ‘what are they thinking’ (‘they’, being aimed at the Facebook behind the scenes gurus) I must confess that I like, and even think that the newer version is an improvement. Which makes me rather unpopular in Facebook friend circles.

So back to my initial ‘disgust’. Facebook holds our personal data, and it’s more than easy for the site to fade into the background as we poke, tag and message our friends. Until the site resurfaces again, and rears (in this case) its ugly head. But wait Facebook friends, we have for weeks now in our Feeds had fair warning from the Facebook team that they have been tweaking and updating the site, nay ‘our site’. Hey they even offered for feedback. Which I’m embarrassed to admit I gave as a knee jerk of my initial distaste of the look and feel of the site, ‘clunky’, ‘cluttered’ and ‘obnoxious’ were amongst the choice words. Today, I feed differently. Once you’re used to your new home, navigation is more logical and friend information easier to hand. There do need to be some more tweaks to the Feed pages though. But Facebook is getting there.

So bear with it. The Facebook puppets, might not have pulled the strings you would prefer, and have stepped outside the bounds of etiquette. But think of it this way, far better to have a new ‘shiny’ version, than be stuck with the stale snail state of other SNSs. MySpace anyone? I thought not.

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  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ Anon,

    oh you’re not the first to speculate a ‘sns revolt’. but ‘we’ don’t have the power. utlimately ‘they’ hold all our information, our actions and our social ‘lives’ in their servers hands. Its highly unlikely there would be a mass revolt on a scale to even dent FB traffic. let alone inspire any kind of change to the site. HOWEVER, unlike other aspects of social control, they (the FB guru’s) are open to suggestions and do feel the flow of information, from them to us. Look at zuckerberg’s apology in sept 2006 the first time the NewsFeed was introduced. In short ‘they’ have to listen to us as users, as we’re the one’s who know exactly how we want our everyday social actions to look feel and behave on FB. And there’s value in that.

  2. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ facefan,

    indeed how could FB be ‘better’. Well this is different for differnt users. What i think is ‘better-er’, would make my father gnash his teeth and sigh in frustration.

    then again i’m a woman i know best right. :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Which makes me think – could there be a SNS revolt ? We get fed up with Facebook and rebel in Web 2.0 fashion by creating our own and better SNS – to which we all migrate. All organised though Facebook naturally. Leaves Facebook an empty shell. Could it happen?

  4. FaceFan says:

    Agree – did not like the new look but have got habituated to it now. We would be critical if the site did not change. So innovation should be welcome. What we might want to think about it is how we could make it better?

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