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#370 UPLOADS: And how to avoid a major social faux pas

Friday 26th September, 2008

I just received a ‘round robin’ Facebook message with old pictures of me and my friends attached. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but this one included the most unflattering of pictures, and specified me as the ‘worst one of the lot’. How do I respond to this un-thoughtfulness? Is it forgiveable?

Networks, they are all about the connections you have, the connections you want, and the connections you distance yourself from. Sometimes, when they converge, things can get messy. As a guiding principle it is good to remember that one should always do as you would also be done by. Your ‘friend’ shows a lack of thoughtfulness (whether intended or not) ‘spamming’ everyone in your mutual networks with ‘unflattering’ pictures. To safe-guard such situations in the future, you could mention that it would be nice if they could get the ‘ok’ from those featured before broadcasting on all networks. Although be prepared to receive retaliation in the voice of accusations as a, ‘control freak’ and the potential offence, to your friend who (may have) thought they were doing a ‘nice’ gesture.

As a quick (although not full-proof) safeguard, I would check your Facebook privacy settings. First, remove tagged images of yourself that you find offensive, or are just embarrassed about, and then if you want to be extreme BLOCK this ‘friend’ from your Profile! Too extreme? Well a simply look through the archives of similarly unflattering images of your friend, and another round robin message, could make this person pause for thought before trying anything so crass again.

You could also secretly hold it against them forever, and let slip your hurt at a suitably poignant moment. Perhaps just before xmas for a guilt inspired gift?… Then all will be forgiven!

3 Responses to “#370 UPLOADS: And how to avoid a major social faux pas”

  1. Fans says:

    U well girl ?

    WE need our hit of advice….


  2. Susan says:

    aghhhhhh! This happened to me last week. The cause: My mother. We’re not safe anywhere now!

  3. janey says:

    haha I see our pubstyle chat turned into a post! I’m glad I helped with the inspiration!

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