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#373 I take thee (on Facebook)…

Saturday 18th October, 2008

I want to propose marriage. Can Facebook do the wedding?

Only if you buy me a HUGE ring, or I’m dumping you and updating my Facebook status to ‘single’.

Seriously though (seriously?! Seriously, I can’t believe I’m replying about a Facebook wedding), nothing compares to leaning across to your lover, getting down on bended knee and looking them directly in the eyes with the words ‘I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you’, and then onto the HUGE ring etc. So why on earth you would want to remove this level of intimacy and propose a Facebook wedding, is a course that I find ‘interesting’.

BUT, perhaps there are advantages I’m missing here. Venue (‘free’) you can set up an Event on Facebook and invite all your mutual Facebook friends. That also means invitations will be easy (and also free!) Also you can avoid the potential faux pas of missing anyone out as Facebook handily includes all your friends details. However, there is potential danger of not inviting someone, and then feeling compelled to as they have see from your Feeds and Facebook news that your wedding is set and they want to ‘attend’ too. Although this being Facebook you don’t have to sit next to them, or even speak to them at the reception. I can see where you are going with this Facebook wedding idea. Perhaps a genius, rather than silly idea after all.

Also if you get drunk and fall down, nobody need know that you lack social clarity or refinement. You could save considerably on other wedding add-on’s such as bridesmaids (surplus to requirement), suits and the Dress (get married naked, who would know) and photographer (upload the most flattering pictures that you want).

Although things that you would miss out on are karaoke late into the night, cake and a honeymoon suite. Or would you just skip to the honeymoon part when everyone else is not looking at your Facebook event?

Oh and did I mention cake.

Well there are advantages to a Facebook wedding, and in the latest ‘doom and gloom’ of the looming credit crunch, perhaps a recession friendly Facebook wedding is the way to go. Or perhaps you would just miss the cake too much.

But however you decide to get hitched, congratulations and I’m looking forward to my invitation in the Facebook post.

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