Proper Facebook Etiquette

#372 The writings on the wall

Saturday 18th October, 2008

Can you please confirm as to whether it is necessary to immediately post back after a Wall post? My friends and I have fallen out over my ‘neglect’, and their ‘obsessiveness’ of this.

I would only immediately post back to make a pleasant, delicate, intelligent and refined retort. Perhaps your lack of ‘attention’ to your friends posting is a reflection on either their lack of inspiration (boring posts), or your lack of judgement to offer a clever reply.

As a suggestion, there are all kinds of things that one might say. ‘Hello’ offers a universal nice start.

Though three postings to avoid are: ‘Sorry, do I know you?’, ‘Wipe your post off my Wall’, and ‘Ooo I think I left my underware at yours’.

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