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#376 Am I a mock copy?

Friday 7th November, 2008

I keep finding that my friends have better profiles than mine. It’s not that they are better or nicer looking, but their pages look more sleek. What am I doing wrong and is there a tactful way to incorporate some of their page aspects without looking like a mock copy?

The danger of trying to ‘fit in’ with your friend’s image is that this could reek of ‘try hard’ and be off-putting. What you have failed to consider is how they may admire your own Profile for its lustrous look. Perhaps causality could be a MySpace over-styled and over-application looking page. I too have friends who have a higher density of ‘superpokes’ ‘cute pets’ ‘rat pack’ and ‘favourite neighbourhoods’ applications than they do Wall Posts. But they like it and that is what counts. Consider this opportunity for a ‘spring’, or rather winter clean. If you haven’t used an application in the past month, this should probably be deleted from your page. Thus with a wave of a Facebook fairy wand your profile page should be more refined and as uniform looking as your friends.

Of course Facebook itself has helped recently with this dilemma with tabs separating aspects of pages to give a cleaner, neater and more integrated feel to the site. But this might not be to you taste either… When in doubt update your Status, ‘I’m having a wild party! And You are all invited’ – you’ll be so concerned with cleaning up your real situation, and popular with your Facebook friends that there won’t be time for Profile envy.

4 Responses to “#376 Am I a mock copy?”

  1. Miss Maz Hardey says:

    @ questions,

    totally agree, but sad to say there is n’t a ‘widget’ that is a question box… yet…

    if you find one let me know!


  2. Questions says:

    You should have a ‘questions’ here box so readers can post questions that are not about a individual post – IUCWhatIMean :)

    So here I go – my question is – Christmas is coming and should – how – do I put presents – real or not no Facebook?

  3. Hot says:

    I have a hot photo that I got photoshopped

  4. Ouper says:

    Or ‘none of you are invited’ works wonders as u get mail asking why not :)

    Ans – loosers it was on 2nd Life

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