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#375 Facebook separation

Friday 7th November, 2008

I recently split from my partner. I got fed up with the constant intrusion into my life – my phone, my friends and the final straw was when I caught them at it on my Facebook account! Is it wise to remain as Facebook friends, or should I kick them to the digital curb too?

Caught ‘at it’. My minds whirring with the possibilities here, but I assume you mean they ‘hacked’ your account, rather than une situation délicate.

The problem here appears to be a disregard for what should be a personal AND therefore private space. Perhaps you should have discouraged this kind of intrusion before the invasion of such precious Facebook territory. A violation that (in my book) would be unforgiveable.

‘A Facebook domain is always one’s own domain! Take my phone, let me keep my Facebook connections!’ 😛

Show your partner that you are well and truly over their manipulative and desperate ways. Once dumped, always dumped. Never look back, not even in the digital realm of Facebook.

There are several advantages to this confident and defiant stance.
First, you’re seen as self-possessed and independent. Second, you will not be tempted to sink to their level and ‘intrude’ in such ways on their Facebook (and related) life. Finally, without a connection you won’t run the risk of a continued surveillance of their actions, Wall Posts and no doubt deliberately placed attempts designed to capture your attention. A more sneaky – nay underhand – approach would be to ‘block user’ and place on ‘limited profile setting’ safeguarding your updates from them, but allowing you continued access to theirs. Unless they place you on a similar limited connection.

In short, they hacked your Facebook account. Unforgiveable, no specialist action required.

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  1. StephanieInCA says:

    I do a Facebook “ friend purge” about once a month.

    Most people I de-friend probably don’t notice, and no one has every called me on it. If they did, I’d have three words for them: Be more interesting.

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