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#708 Datebook

Friday 9th January, 2009

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Should Facebook be internet dating?
A friend of mine recently admitted that his last three girlfriends were all ‘found’ via Facebook. ‘Not unusual’ I remarked, we are of an era where connections are increasingly managed in such a digital manner. I had not realised until after our conversation that he literally meant that he had MET them on Facebook – without any recognition of who they were before. Now as much as internet/eDating represents an upcoming industry – particularly with global recession – where better to find solace, flirtation and potentially a new partner all in one place, there are specified sites for such introductions. Facebook (for the most part) represents a social arena where known friends come together to cultivate and manage already established friendships. This is NOT internet dating. Or perhaps I am being too coy, nay old fashioned about this. Could Facebook represent the next step in how to meet a new partner?

The concern I had (still have) for my friend is that he is relatively ‘well known’ because of his profession. This means that (on occasion) he is recognised in the street. And now on the digital street of Facebook. Perhaps this is more about my own disappointment where it seems that a shameless pandering to his ego (and if you have a pretty Facebook face) will result in an all too easily obtained dating scenario. Perhaps he is just lazy in the way he enjoys introductions. It is cold outside at the moment and with Facebook as a dating portal he need never leave the warmth of his humble abode. Unless he is out on the date of course.

Recently I was given update as to his dating status. And so it seems after three who were classified as ‘girlfriends’ and I suspect numerous others he has been inclined to agree that perhaps channelling new dating energies across Facebook is not the formula for a longtail romance. However, it does prove rather ‘successful’ (his words not mine) if you are looking for a casual fling. Does this mean Facebook is in some quarters more fitting as a (little black) Datebook?…

Unshamelessly my friend has stated he is more than happy to find out. I sense a ‘lost cause’. But I will be tracking his Status Updates with watched amusement. What will increase in size more rapidly one wonders, his network of ‘friends’ or his networked ego?… time will tell.

4 Responses to “#708 Datebook”

  1. Dated says:

    Meet a guy in a bar and you’re used to hearing, ‘Oh, that’s your dream man’, or ‘No, you can’t date him.’” These helpful thoughts could come across on SNSs.

    Think collective intelligence meets dating online

    But think privacy do you want everyone to see who you’re flirting with or have been dating. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to search for dates publicly in the front of a big group and then be expected to gossip online about the virtual contacts?

    So maybe not!

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you want dating – there are sites for it. So behave people

  3. Anonymous says:

    Other wankers are (male) Tory twits – from the Guardian

    The Conservatives today expelled a leading young activist from the party after he boasted about dressing up as the missing five-year-old Madeleine McCann at a new year party.
    Other figures from the organisation left messages on the Facebook paghe, with one responding: “Is this a cunning (Baldrick style) plan to obtain the reward money?

    Funny ? Yea well shows that public school does not = half a brain

  4. Dateless says:

    Your friend is on a tv show isn’t he?…

    And I think I’ve dated him.

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