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#713 Getting an A-List network

Monday 19th January, 2009

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A friend of a Facebook friend has over 1,500 friends. How do I make my friend list look less only-Lucy-from-next-door and more Lola-from-all-over?

Your friend of a friend sounds like a professional network/friend builder. There’s opportunity here to ‘poach’ some of their potential connections with a little bit of savvy networking on your part. One sure fire way to up your friends on Facebook is to reveal your potential mutual connections, then it is reasonable that they will also know people that you know, but are yet to ‘add as friend’. Another method is to open up your own profile page, ensuring all privacy settings are ‘off’ and filtered as low as possible. This means that others will be able to identify you, quicker than you can identify them.

‘Working’ on Facebook for regular hours a day may be time consuming, but it can also prove friend conducive. When writing my PhD it was hard not to find near constant distraction from friendly Facebook, which inevitably led to the accumulation of more friends. These are the friends who share the same fervour for networking as yourself and/or who may joined the same Group Page as you. Combining self-interests with self-interest as a bit of informal networking is enough to make anyone’s lunch hour more interesting and to extend your friend network into the accumulated figures to match your friend-of-a-friend.

You can change and meld your network as much as you like on Facebook. Go from close-knit sets of contacts with known friends (I love Lucy next-door) to acquired accumulation of numbers of ‘nobodies’ (Lola all over) in a matter of minutes. By combing your interests and potential work you will keep those smaller networks alert and strengthen your connections to hold onto a larger scale number of contacts in no time.

Set the bar high. Why stop at 1,500, when last I heard Facebook limited you to only 5,000 friends. Clearly your friend-of-friend has some more work to do. Collaborate with ‘cute’ profiles of others and watch the networking sparks fly. If you’re really serious about accumulating more Lola’s than a Lucy you could just randomly ‘add friend’ to as many Facebook attendees as you can click. Just don’t be too scared of rejection.

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  1. Henry Big says:

    Staff at a London branch of Waitrose have been caught insulting customers on Facebook.

    Supermarket bosses have launched an investigation after workers at the Finchley Waitrose store were caught posting offensive and suggestive comments about customers.

    One employee called a female customer a “dirty old loon” and said on the site: “You know, the one who you can smell in Fruit & Veg when she is on the drinks aisle.” Another employee publicised his lust for a regular female shopper and wrote: “All the lads know who I mean. The 6ft tall stunner with the massive natural b ristols and a boyfriend who looks like he might kill you for looking at her.”

    The posts appeared on a Facebook page called “Waitrose Isn't a Supermarket, It's a State of Mind”. Staff were asked to list what annoys them most about the supermarket.

    Workers all over the country added their own abusive comments, with some branding shoppers “pikeys”, “ugly” and “mad”.

    One Manchester employee wrote: “Pikey skanks wait till the last minute, gathered around the reduced-stuff bin, or the cake shelves etc, to get the cheapest possible stuff.”

    A Waitrose spokesman said: “This is completely unacceptable behaviour. It goes against our codes of conduct.” The spokesman said it would be difficult to get the insults removed from the site, but added: “We will be conducting an immediate investigation.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can u make people up ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Publicity for the want-to-be’s

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