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#717 Shameless couple promotion on Facebook

Friday 13th February, 2009

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How long is it acceptable to disappear off Facebook following the 14th – I want to escape all those smug update daters :)

Well perhaps length of time of absence is not the issue here – as the longer you ‘disappear’ the more discordant friends in your network may become in light of your absence. Then there’s the rather annoying and tireless task of having to justify one’s disappearance (‘hot date’ via private jet and romantic diversion to Paris). On your return in one sitting you would have to be prepared to deal with ‘all those smug updates’.

Instead, you could think of a quirky take on your own Status Update. One could poke fun at an ex by (re)flaming the fires of a passion or affirming why you separated in the first instance. Why not put your love up for ‘auction’ – the most ‘novel’ or sincere reply ‘wins’ a romantic dalliance with you – but only if you find them attractive of course! Or you award yourself a new ‘research agenda’ – one that aims to capture when those ‘smug updates’ turn to more critical chisms and fall outs. Yes Saturday the 14th may commence with ‘I love you lots’ written across Walls, but later it might be a case of ‘I love you less’ dependent on whether romance has been fulfilled or not. Then it you who becomes the ‘smug’ one.

In short, genuiene romance and affection should be a triumph of love rather than the ostentation of shameless smug couples promotion on Facebook. I would get rid of those types of friend(s) immediately.

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  1. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ Jolie NOt,

    ‘no tx’ how strange – what an occurance. we’re alright this end, so will endevour to see ‘what’s occuring ‘ yours.

    oscar post… a genius suggestion. watch this space…

  2. Jolie Not says:

    Will there be a Oscar posting ?

    Winslet and Jolie been fighting it out on Fake Facebook “Now I know why you pretended to forget my name at the Golden Globes, bitch. I’m getting out my favorite blade and I’ll be waiting for you on the red, red carpet.” LOL

    BTY Blog has no tx unless u search posts needs a fix :)

  3. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ Anon,

    I feel your pain. Stay away from the flu – keep with Facebook. Reep the affection and sympathy! :-)

    better than lemsip !

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve pulled out for a couple of weeks with a flue update. This is patly true and has the benefit that if work check out Facebook my week off sick will be – as it was – genuine. Look forward to the sympathy posts thou!

  5. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ anon,

    jealous of the lingerie, or the photoshop? its hard to tell sometimes…

  6. Anonymous says:

    and shameless models – says the sun

    Toni, from Baxenden, Lancs, said: “I wasn’t naked, but it looks as if I might be, as I photoshopped the pictures so I was covered with a barcode.

    “Facebook’s terms and conditions say as long as you are covered, with lingerie for example, it’s ok.

    “They were only available for people signed up to my site to view so I was surprised.

    “It’s made life very difficult as I have a lot of events coming up.”


    Toni, who began modelling six months ago, currently struts her stuff at League Two side Accrington Stanley.

    At half-time she tries to kick the ball at the cross-bar while wearing six-inch heels.

    The student said she didn’t know who would have reported her to Facebook officials.

    Toni said: “Because I use the page for my career, it could be a lot of people but I’m going to be more careful about who I accept in future.

    “I have encountered a lot of jealousy and it really got to me at first but it has actually given me a push to succeed now.”

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