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#718 Oscar night. But what happens on Facebook?

Monday 23rd February, 2009

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Pre-Oscar Winslet and Jolie were fighting it out on Fakebook. From the exchange of Wall Post’s – Jolie: ‘Now I know why you pretended to forget my name at the Golden Globes’ to Status Updates – Winslet: ‘Just suck that up! Thank you so much, my God! Thank you!’ shows how the social dynamics, nay degrees of decorum can create gain momentum and highlight the imbalances of attention.

Facebook may help to promote the translation of social activities into public expression but can such efforts recover from the cool and/or not so cool social broadcasts. On Oscar night for some this is emblematic of their everyday social culture (they’re under the age of 30 and do this anyway: Yes Dev Patel I mean you). For others this may smack of being too ‘try hard’ to be ignored…

Following the awards, acceptance speeches and after parties one can speculate as to what happened next on Facebook…
‘Best Picture’ to Slumdog Millionaire . Christian Colson, Status Update: I’m not just for DVD! Mad LOVE for everyone!’
Dev Patel, NewsFeed: ‘Dev is (still) ‘Single’ and very much eligible’. NewsFeed ‘Dev is now friends with Sharon Stone’.

‘Best Actor’ to Sean Penn, Status Update: ‘Is especially touched by all his commie loving pubic, sorry I mean public’. NewsFeed: Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn changed their Relationship Status from ‘its complicated’ to ‘definitely married’ and ‘my husband is not gay’.

‘Best Actress’ to Kate Winslet, Status Update: ‘Washing her hair, with Oscar shampoo’.

‘Best Director’ to Danny Boyle, NewsFeed Danny became a Fan of Tiger.

‘Best Supporting Actress’ to Penelope Cruz, Status Update: ‘Fainted, but not faint of heart’

‘Best Supporting Actor’ to Heath Ledger. Thumbs UP. You like this.

Jennifer Aniston should have been awarded for ‘best icy glare’. NewsFeed has invited Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to the Event: ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. Status Update: ‘is in a ‘relationship’ with John Mayer – for the next couple of hours’.

4 Responses to “#718 Oscar night. But what happens on Facebook?”

  1. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    Posh was in danger of having a pout deficit. Then Kiera knightely stepped in.

  2. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ Janet. Lent already? oh gosh i must not ‘poke’ for 40 days and nights. But to ‘ban’ the whole of FB for the whole period. tough.

  3. oscartosh says:

    Did Posh have a pout update?

  4. Janet says:

    Should we give up Facebook for Lent?

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