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#731 LOVE out of character

Monday 30th March, 2009

My boyfriend’s recently taken to sudden displays of affection on Facebook. This has me suspicious. Is this ‘sweet’ behaviour or is something more sinister going on?

Well it has been Valentine’s recently. What did your boyfriend do for that? Ignore you, post on your Wall; Send a message to all your Facebook friends re. your mutual love; Did you (at least) get a Gift on Facebook?…

If his behaviour is ‘out of character’ there could be grounds for suspicions. Sudden appearances of bunches of flowers could be evidence of his ‘getting in touch’ with his feminine side; reminding you of your love; a clever promotion for hayfever tablets; OR ‘evidence’ straight from Carrie Bradshaw book of paranoier that he is ‘obviously’ up to no good and a cheater!
Dump the dude! Yeah ‘Big’ you didn’t see that coming did you?! What’s that? Oh she married him anyway. ho hum.

Poor guy. Could it be that your other (better) half has genuienely fallen for you, is deeply in love and wants to share this with the world (well the Facebook world). OK, so he gets a B- for creativity, but it could be worse, there could have been ‘another woman’; too much time down the pub or that he simply chooses to ignore you.

I say revel in the attention. Love is characterised by moments of fondness and perhaps it is this that has you unsettled. Rather than feeling suspicious, you are simply experiencing a disquieting. Love can be quite affecting, especially when you yourself are only beginning to realise how the other person feels for you. Whilst sudden (out of the ordinary) displays of affection can be a course of ‘guilt’, such moments of shared sentiment should not be treated with an automatic and sudden distrust. A more likely (and lovely) explanation for his behaviour is that he is, quite simply, charmed by you.

If you’re really that suspicious watch his Facebook feed. Is there mention of ‘another woman’; has someone been posting on his Walls; does the boy protest too much?… Does Carrie Bradshaw only have one friend on Facebook?… (herself).

Answers in a Facebook Status Update please.

Otherwise change your ‘relationship status’ to ‘it’s complicated’ or ‘single’ for high impact. That ought to stop such sentimental nonesenses.


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