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#1033 Changing names

Friday 7th August, 2009

Dear Mariann,

I have a rather unique name as my parent saw fit to give me a double-barrelled namesake. Recently, his has been further added to as both my parents have just remarried. I don’t know which name to use on Facebook and I am at a loss as to what to call myself. Should I enter into quadrouble -barrelled naming, or start to cut out the names of my parents partners and/or one’s I liked the least?

Why not delete all names, as this is only going to get more complicated when you marry, and become a symbol like Prince e.g.  – I think that this particular symbol may be taken…

OR, how about buying a title and simply being known as Lady or Duchess? But this does make you sound as though you are more pet than Facebook friend.

Changing names did nothing for PDiddly, PD, Puffy, Dad. The lesson, whatever your namage you’re still the same person. Even you’re unfortunate enough to be the child of parents who wanted their offspring called Tuala Does The Hula, or Keenan Got Lucky.

Personally I would go for something you can abbreviate. With a quadrouble-barrelled name you could try to arrange these into a pithy nick-name. For exmaple, Cassandra Hayden Anna Vousins could be shortened to CHAV.

Oh and hyphens are sooooo 2008.

3 Responses to “#1033 Changing names”

  1. Buckle-My-Shoe says:

    Compliacted – how about nick names or is that too MySpacy?

  2. Ape says:

    No monkey's this time then?…

  3. Catface says:

    What if my name is Dogface?

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