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#1036 Irritant

Thursday 13th August, 2009

I am sick of forced Shares from friends on Facebook. My aged parents are spending the summer visiting and whilst their lives are more Wiltshire dull than New York savvy, their inaction is not as irritating as friends who insist on constantly sharing status updates etc. and spend all their time replying to each others broadcast messages.

My patience is waning. I think I might have to start defriending. Or is it I who lacks a social generosity to give a damn?

Facebook updates are for sharing. Or haven’t you heard. Your friends probably believe that you’re so bored at present – what with the parents home to roost for the summer – that they are trying to warm your icy social heart with the exchange of ‘witty’ social happenings. Your patience is obviously running out. Could I suggest, instead of a more drastic friend cull, that you find some other forms of entertainment. And who knows by the end of the summer you won’t be forced to feign surprise and interest in friends actions as you will have rediscovered your own life.

Otherwise make the most of the opportunity to counter friends updates and force-feed them with quizzes such as the ‘what sort of lame friend are you?’ may get your point (subtly) across and display your various virtues to the world.

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  1. Patty says:

    My parents are more exciting than me on fb……..:)

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