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#1039 Boob-bothering attentions

Sunday 16th August, 2009

Dear Mariann,
Off topic but, I Want to post my holiday snaps to Facebook but my new boobs are noticeable (yes, that is why I got then!) Some of my Girlfriends are Fems and they are opposed to enhancements. I don’t want to fall out with them and can go baggy to hide them on the odd occasion we meet. Should I come out and face their disapproval?
(this dilemma was originally posted by ‘Trudy’ in a reply to the post: Wedded bliss.)

I suggest you friend that quiet and reserved girl on Facebook called Katie Price. She faces similar dilemma’s as her alta ego Jordan, but deep down is really a nice family lady and not all a boob.

Unless your main career is to be on the cover of PlayBoy you should play down your new plastic friends and not let them detract from your Profile on Facebook. Unless this is the point. Then why go baggy for those ‘odd occasions’? Instead stay uplifted, pert and alert to any attentions that you may receive.

A psychologist might suggest that your emphasis upon your chest is as a displacement to mask feelings of insecurity and/or inadequacy. Thankfully I am a social theorist and can see that you’re an indepdent woman in charge of her life – no matter what the ‘Fem’s’ say. I caution you against tight T-shirts in the local village pub though, as you’ll find enthusiasm for boob-bothering attentions, Friend Requests and all manner of Pokes from Farmer Giles forthwith.

Trudy you may also benefit from the read of another post, Throwing my top off on Facebook: Breast Exposed!

13 Responses to “#1039 Boob-bothering attentions”

  1. FanBoy says:

    Great podcast. You are softer than your photo – I though school mistress 😉 !!!!

  2. StillWaters says:

    Just found your blog via the BBC site. Fine idea and love your broadcast.

  3. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @All who heard. Thank you for kind Radio5Live comments!

    I tip my cap at you…

    more posts to come!

    esp to @ Ralphsus

  4. Frankie says:

    Excited – heard you on the radio! i thought I read that! You sound less sever than your blog photo. Fun talk – want more:)

  5. RocketMan says:

    You were on Radio 5 this morning. Fun to hear a fav blogger – hope you do more.

  6. SamC says:

    Off topic but heard you on the radio

  7. GayBob says:

    What is the male equivellent ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    All is vanity
    But I see FB as my own broadcast channel so I manage it accordingly

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can be topless on FB?

  10. Booda-looda says:

    Didn't the sun have a get your tits out thread or was that on MySpace. I always managed the images I put out on it – you never know who will be part of your networks :)

  11. JulieO says:

    Just read the comment from RalphSus.Relate to it. I planned a trip for the rest of the week so I'd be out of the flow of news from my networks. Think I'll do OK but want to keep away from the self congratulation that will go on. IMO be out for the day.

  12. RalphSus says:

    I get my A level results on the 20th. Might be OK or not. At college the thing to do is to post the results to Facebook. I'm scared that I won't get the results I want for U and if I post everyone will know. I'd want to go hide for a bit while trying clearing. Might not happen. Not sure what to do. If did all right I suppose I'd feel good about posting. What am I saying? Less good results might get sympathy but I'd have to see all those getting the results they want and I'd feel bad – even if I shouldn't. Is it best just not to be on Facebook for a bit?

  13. Sam says:

    LOL my BF Photoshopped me so I look bigger on some photos. Got lots of comments. But come egg on their face when we told them they were not RL!!!!

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