Proper Facebook Etiquette

#1046 Teenage rights!

Wednesday 26th August, 2009

Dear Mariann,

As a teenager, it is my human right to be on Facebook and I regularly have screaming matches with my parents who see things differently. After these I always log in to Facebook in my room and bitch about them. What I really want to do is for them to know how angry I am and make them feel guilty. How can I when they’re not on Facebook?

May I recommend a sit down and civilised conversation with the olds? They may not be on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that they’re too old to Poke.

You may also find that the banging of bedroom doors provides a splendid level of noise and ‘I hate you!’ relief. Be careful not to slam with such regularity that this becomes the norm. Another way to achieve anger management communication would be to set up Facebook accounts for the parents and to Poke with regularity as to ease the tension.

You’re a teenager. Nothing your parents do will ever be right. Nothing you do will ever be understood. Get over it .

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