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#1048 Minor celeb friends

Friday 28th August, 2009

Dear Mariann,
LOVE the blog:) Have a question. Off to uni and will start using FB a lot. So will put in my family and friends networks. A family member is a (minor) celebrity and her ageny has said I should be careful what I do on FB as journalists use it as a source for their stories.

Seems unfair that I should not use it, but there is no point in me not using my real name. Any thoughts?
(with thanks for this dilemma inspired by the comment of Anon in reply to the post GCSE Cocktiail)

Yes. Drop the agent.

Well celebrity status aside. This will be Your Facebook account. Thus, it is for You to decide who to friend etc. Yes the newspervs and other more astute media types (this one included) do use Facebook, as well as other accompanying streams of updates (Twitter anyone), to see ‘what’s going on’.

The justifications for this are that 1. this is considered ‘fair game’ for items broadcast across what are public domains, and 2. well what else are the less dynamic journalists going to do with their time all day.

So if you want to save face from the 3am Girls and give good social grace to your ‘minor’ friend I would gently remind the friend (and agent) that it is THEIR responsibility to keep in check their updates. The flip side to this is that when it is convenient to them they may desire it so that you put out scintillating updates. This could gain you university peer interest. Depending on who the celeb is. We’ve all heard and seen quite enoughof that Bianca Gascoigne. *yawn*.

An easy solution for this: Yes have a Facebook account – in your REAL name (otherwise what would be the point!). Set you Privacy Settings to ‘high’ and have a hidden profile.

Then choose your friends wisely. Oh and be seen to Friend the current favourite minor celeb of the day Peter Andre’ and you’ll be a hit.

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