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#1049 Surreptitious affair on Facebook

Friday 28th August, 2009

Dear Mariann,
I am conducting a surreptitious affair on Facebook. However, since the days are starting to draw in it is getting increasingly difficult to find time to be with my lover as my wife is getting up for work later and getting home earlier.

We (not the wife) like to arrange to meet up on Facebook. But wifey is getting suspicious, so I am seeking your advice.

Surreptitious‘, on Facebook?! hahaha! You could not be more public! Why not just go ahead and hump in your local Tesco?

Not being overfamiliar with the in’s and out’s of the how to conduct affairs (what gave you the impression that this is my area of expertise?) I can, therefore, only advise on what you should/not be doing on Facebook. I would recommend not Friending your wife. Not displaying that you are ‘in a relationship’, or worse ‘that’s it’s complicated’.

Have you thought about changing your ‘wifey’? Your ‘lover’ seems the ideal replacement, being open to your amorous advances and presently poking you both on and (I assume) off Facebook.

You do realise that your post is going to result in a flurry of messages claiming that ‘Facebook encourages affairs’. In an attempt to counter these, I would suggest that it is the husbands (and wives) like yourself who are the affair afficianados.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Off topic but is it now OK to do birthdays and engagements as 'virtual' events or should we still send birthday cards or call or tx when there's important news?

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