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#560 Crap Bank Holiday updates

Sunday 30th August, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
I am to spend most of bank holiday weekend squatting in a tent for Climate Camp. Friends are all off to Ibiza for a stay in a glamourous villa and to party their time away. So after the weekend there’ll be LOADs of pictures on Facebook. Everyone will look tanned and fantastic. My tent and wellies pale in comparison. How can I up my game?

Make a point of claiming that yours was the ‘perfect detox weekend’. You lost weight. You’ve never felt more fabulous. You’ve replaced those blatant, and nasty, consumerist tendencies for inner peace and outer love. Oh and you’ve solved Global Warming and all those terrible Climate Change related issues.

Oh to hell with it. Ditch the tent. Join you’re party people and make sure you’re tagged in as many photos as possible.

Squatting‘ in a tent? Does this mean that you’ve failed to locate your own to-be-pitched sheet-esque manisfestation, OR is this in reference to some horrifying bowel disorder?… Whatever the weather, Ibiza sounds a vast improvement. Who needs Climate Camp after all.

4 Responses to “#560 Crap Bank Holiday updates”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Facbook groups devoted to the campaign

  2. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ dick Fischbeck,

    Delighted you've found my words. They are a 'heady' mix for gallantry and flippancy depending on how the mood takes me… And whether i've had my chai tea.

    Feel free to dig around as much as you like.


  3. JulieG says:

    My friend posts a old glamour – not of her – on her page. Is this about narcissism and sayinf she is above the crowd? We all have recent unposed snapshots.

  4. Dick Fischbeck says:

    Hi Mariann

    I am just beginning to read your writings so I don't know if you are being literal or not in this answer.

    I'll get back to you when I have a sense about your project.

    I hope I am not breaking many rules. I am sure there are good reasons for them.


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