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#561 I thought she was boring and ugly

Thursday 3rd September, 2009

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Dear Mariann,

My girlfriend left me a few weeks ago. She says she wants to be ‘left alone’ but she is already dating other people. I know this as when I log into Facebook I can see that there are LOTS of other men paying her attention and posting on her Wall. They are after her all the time! She doesn’t answer any of my messages and ignores everything I do. Before I broke up with her I thought she was boring and ugly. Now everyone else wants a piece of her. I want her to come back to me. How can I make her notice me. I need your help.

My help? I’m touched. How far you have come. And so I advise this; Stop Poking her. Stop reading her Wall. Stop messaging her. STOP! For whatever reason/s you are now ‘not together’. You need to get some distance. Only she can decide if she ‘wants you back’.

Another tactic: Show your girlfriend what she is missing. Change your relationship status to ‘single’ and get some girlfriends to post messages to your Wall. IF she’s as observant as you, she’ll be back ‘in a realtionship’ and ‘getting complicated’ with you in no time. Then you can get bored and dump her all over again.

8 Responses to “#561 I thought she was boring and ugly”

  1. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @Merv, facebook light allows you to type in the dark.

  2. Merv says:

    Whats the deal on FB light ?????

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hate FB

    Boyfriend dumped me with a status change


    No manners

    Everyone can see


  4. Anonymous says:

    Back to work and there are all those had a great gol affair postings. Funny but I know at least one in my net made the whole thing up. Just about vanity and the need to be seen. But not rl !!!!!!

  5. OZFAN says:

    Big story from OZ

    Natasha Cann endured the Father's Day from hell on Sunday when hackers broke into her Facebook account and proceeded to scam her closest friends out of significant amounts of money.

    The 34-year-old professional who works for BHP Billiton in South Australia – and used to work in IT for the military – thought her account was locked down but the painful reality hit her on Sunday check out

  6. TheOffice says:

    We love the Blog. First thing @ the office we check in with FB and the Blog. But we might be cut off @ work as the bosses think FB is a distraction. We use it a lot to keep in touch with others that work here and in different branches. But they think it is replacing the office email – no bad thing. The concern is security – any thoughts?

  7. Anonymous says:

    i hate the way everything is there. all my relatives saw my a level fuck uo and have been offering advice. Just what you do not want!!!!!

    and everyone can see what they are saying. Great fine just kill my reputation !!!!!!!

  8. hunky says:

    Out to lunch and on hol…..

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