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#562 In/security @ The Office

Sunday 13th September, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
We love the Blog. First thing @ the office we check in with FB and the Blog. But we might be cut off @ work as the bosses think FB is a distraction. We use it a lot to keep in touch with others that work here and in different branches. But they think it is replacing the office email – no bad thing.

The concern is security – any thoughts?

(with thanks for this dilemma inspired by the comment of TheOffice in reply to the post I thought she was boring and ugly

The difficulty many people have with Facebook (especially in the workplace) is, as you @The Office have nailed, the loss of control over information. Your legal and HR departments will view this as a potential pitfall down into the depths of litigation and to be sued territories of web law Hell. Just take the example of those poor worker souls at Vodafone who thought they were merely pulling together ‘in jest’ to support the mind-numbing boredom of their call centre based daily grind. Instead their actions within the Vodafone Facebook group exposed poor employee practice and left Vodafone with careless customer care egg on their face – note to these worker bee’s, best leave out the content of customer calls from the Group Wall.

Aside from the obvious legal stakes another potential slide to make management sweat are those publicly reproduced images of ‘colleague bonding’ occasions and nights out. Here those @ The Office might be caught at an unflattering angle or in an ill-advised position. And you can’t hide these come Monday morning.

However, I agree that marching through a sift of emails while Facebook offers more visually pleasing and innovative divergences is just not playing the social media game. Thus, compromise is in order. I suggest that you in The Office reproduce email declarations across Facebook. Refuse to respond to anything that cannot have attached a Poke, *hug* or Wall post.

This works for those boring business presentations and meetings too. It is my belief that a good Poke provides an effective displacement activity. So next time Giles from Accounting is going on too long, instead of airing the latest ftse/profit shares as topic for general discussion, Poke. You’ll find his enthusiasm for meandered points will fall away forthwith.

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  1. AdMan says:

    Is anyone else sick of all the ads on facebook? It is getting to be a advertising platform more than a SNS. Is there a better and cleaner SNS out there?

  2. Effie says:

    Trouble is some of us live in places where the Net is slow or tricky from home. Workplaces have fast lines and so it is much nicer to use Facebook from there. Some of us use Facebook and other things at work but in lunch break.

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