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#563 Friendship dilemma

Sunday 20th September, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
One of my friends will insist on logging into my Facebook account ‘just to check’ things for me. This was after I was on holiday and worried that I ‘might miss something important’, so I asked her to ‘keep an eye’ on what was going on. Now she seems to think that she has liscence to comment about all aspects of my life.

I am fed up as I don’t know when she is logged on. I even tried to hack her Facebook account when I knew that she was on a night out. Please help! I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but I want my privacy back.

You are never going to have privacy ever again. Even if you manage to disuade her from logging into your account, she is going to continue to observe what you are doing. Why you would want to open up your Facebook account (willingly) to another is evidence of you own social naivity and her opportunisitic, if not stalker-esque, tendencies.

Make a new social statement. Following a break-up, which is what this situation is – of sorts, most women prefer to change their hair and throw themselves boldly into new social reverie’s. So cut your hair, change your name, delete your old Facebook account. That life is OVER and no longer your own.

Then once there is physical and Facebook social distance from this friend then you can reclaim you life again. Not so much a ‘ruined friendship’, rather a secure lifestyle change.

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  1. Q24 says:

    Off topic questions – social networking and other Net forms of staying in touch are on the rise, popular. People over the world are staying in touch. Is this the end of the nuclear family and push back to big families of connections?

  2. Melissa says:

    Why can't you change your password so your friend cannot log into your account? If/When she confronts you all you have to say is "I got it from here, thanks for checking it while I was on holiday."

  3. AParent says:

    Is it wise to use facebook to follow and communicate with my son once he goes off to university?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Have you part of the Lying Down Game Facebook group? My mate is one of those who got into trouble at the Great Western Hospital for taking part.

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