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#565 Lying down game

Thursday 24th September, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
Have you part of the Lying Down Game Facebook group? My mate is one of those who got into trouble at the Great Western Hospital for taking part.
(From Anon in response to the post Friendship Dilemma)

Yes, indeed I have. I was the other one lying down on the job.

As long as your friend avoids lying down sans uniform, they may get away with it next time. However, this rather detracts from the fun as it is one of the joys of one’s daily grind to take part in such jollifications en situ and/or behind various bosses/clients/customers/patients backs.

Just beware of those confined spaces. It took me all afternoon to extricate myself from a particular high-shelf in the British Library. I recommend looking for those spaces that add an acoustic element too as this, as I discovered, makes for a more interesting composition – cosisting of both sound and visual elements.

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  1. Snipsnap says:

    Sorry this is out of place but – is there some sort of rule for how often you changed photos? There seems to be a new thing that people change photos a lot and if you dont you look sad. May be just my experience but what is going on?

  2. SexyJ says:

    Is cybersex possible or done on Facebook ?

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