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#574 An overwhelmingly attractive twentysomething lady

Thursday 8th October, 2009

Dear Mariann,
I have been introduced, through mutual friends, to an overwhelmingly attractive twentysomething lady and I am more than eager to ask her out. I am nervous as the thought of her could be too good to be true. I find myself on her Facebook page all the time just so I can look at her and see what she is up to. But after reading your ‘Hot gal, cold to the touch’ post it occured to me that my infatuation is more than just a visual thing. I like her mind as much as her body and want to get both into my bed.
How should I make my first move? I can’t read her. I think that she wants more than just a fling and I want to be more intimate with her. So far the pace of our encounter has been fun, but can it go anywhere. Should I feel this way?…

From UM, Manchester

I am almost tempted to say ‘oh get over yourself’, but then I swiftly reminded myself that we have all lusted and admired someone from afar. I admire that you are wanting to stoke her fire for more than a fling. I hope you’ve changed the sheets on the bed and put a suitably interesting book on the night stand to engage at a convenience both her body and mind. But why oh why should she fall for you? What do you have to offer her? In terms of first moves I would make it creative and original. The best appear as spontaneous, but executed to excellent standards. One example that springs immediately to my mind was when a close friend of mine, who was leaving for Australia, organised a surprise day out. He had taken time off work to do everything Australian our day culminated in an Aussie themed winter picnic (it was November) with fireworks, wine tasting, boomeranging and a battle with the duna (Google if you are not familiar with this particular Aussie terminology).

I expect she would welcome your woo’eth indications and has developed a balanced attitude to your attempts to engage her body and mind. If she’s as savvy as you make out it is unlikely that she will be willing to fall for a simple and obvious game plan. So leave the Facebook poking alone. I think your real anxiety lies with the fact that you have fallen harder than you had intended and secretly you want her to be poking at more than just your Face/book for just the one time.

For you to reach the next stage you could show that you are being considerate and taking it one step at a time (*yawn*). Or to hell with the self-reflection and next time you’re both caught in the rain there’s nothing more romantic than a lingering kiss.

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  1. BadFaceBook says:

    Don't know if you know but Facebook seems to be failing. Lots of us put time into making a new account in Freshers week and now find that it is instead "down for maintenance" all the time. Facebook has been completely not responsive to emails. I'm worried the account haves been deleted and all contacts lost that I made in the first week.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lick lick tuna love

  3. Anonymous says:

    Better advice is to trust in the Lord. Then no need for pleasures of the flesh.

  4. PaulK says:

    Not a direct comment but more a different question. Uni Athletics Union at the welcome meet has banned photos and such like on Facebook of the event. Banned a bit strong but members have been told not to post info because in pat years the Uni has scanned Facebook and the Union got trouble because of drunken and other images. Not now called initiation but a drink circle. Everyone has to drink two pints of their choice to start with (could be water :)). Then games that can mean more drinks and activities :) All fun but now it seems we can't share this anymore of Facebook

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