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#573 HOT gal, cold to the touch

Thursday 8th October, 2009

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Dear Mariann, I’m a fortysomething male, and I have recently found myself back in touch with an old friend. When we first met she was quite the stunner. She was hot, hot, HOT and she bowled me over. At the time my situation was ‘its complicated’ as I was breaking up with my girlfriend and she had issues.

Later on, Hot girl came to stay with me (as we live at a distance). But then things were weird as I was working all the time and she wanted more attention than I could give. I feel bad as it was my idea that she come to stay with me.

Now we’ve been back in touch for some months and are flirting – well she flirts back. I have heard rumours that she is single (as am I this time). But I am afraid that I am not up to date with other issues in her life (of which she seems to have a few). So I am unsure about how to approach her. I need to know what to do next…
From KJ, somewhere in the world

You assume that she IS attracted to you and desires to rip off your clothes and roll in the hay. Swift thinking on your part – or rather pants. You describe (quite a complicated situation) that seems to pivot mostly around various ‘issues’. Here is my summary of what you have disclosed;
1. A possible mutual attraction; for what will be,
2. A distance relationship
3. Both of your relationship status – you, an ex, her, dubious
4. ‘Something weird’ when she came to stay
5. How you want to proceed from here

What we can establish for sure is that you think the gal is ‘mucho HOT!’ Does she have other qualities too or does she just stoke your fire from a visual perspective. IF its just a visual thing, which would explain why the atmosphere when she came to stay, encourage an on camera encounter with the sound turned Off. Then you need never have to fully interact with her or develop a proper adult relationship. This also works well with Google which is quite compliant in its suggestions of ‘mucho hot girls’ via various searches. Then when ‘They’ sell on all your data you can be happily inundated with ad’s for ‘hot’ this and ‘hot’ that.

In reality, she is being nice and polite and no doubt recalls how ‘weird’ things were between you too. Don’t propose marriage just yet. Maybe keep things as ‘just friends’ before things get weird again, rather than finding yourself recapturing the sequence of previous relationships events that you reveal as ‘complicated’.

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